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People for Animals (PFA) campaigns for animal rights. It spearheads a popular movement for respecting all life on this earth and it is a small but crucial part of India's growing environmental awareness. PFA started in 1994 by Smt. Maneka Gandhi in Mumbai. PFA, Bhubaneswar started in 1998 by Jiban B. Das under the advice of Smt. Maneka Gandhi to extend the services to the animals in distress in Orissa.

Ahimsa may be central to our world view. Yet millions of animals are battered, blinded, force-fed steroids, dissected, mutilated and eventually killed every year, often for no reasons at all. Many more are condemned to a lifetime of backbreaking slavery and then, in their old age, sent off to slaughter or thrown out on the street. Millions are killed in legal and illegal abattoirs or hunted down as easy game. Superstition and religious rituals take an easily large number of lives. Laws framed to protect animals against cruelty are openly flouted.

People for Animals believe that things can change. But they can only change when people from all communities, all faiths come together on a popular platform to try and overhaul attitudes, laws, lifestyles. The media must also be persuaded to see the direct nexus between animal's rights and public health. This is the purpose behind People for Animals. Since animals cannot speak for themselves or fight back, they have only one ally. People who are sensitive to their plight.


Wildlife Rescue
A very olden village named PADMAKESHARIPUR, Patiagaon that is adjacent to Bhubaneswar, more...
Animal Rescue
Every month our organization organizes free animal treatment camps in different parts more...
Ambulance Services
Our organization is providing 24 hours service to the animals in distress. Ambulance with more...
Disaster Relief
During natural calamities like super cyclone and flood our organisation has done tremendous relief and rescue work. more...
Sea Turtle Conservation
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